Mainstreet Sydney

Mainstreet Sydney
Mainstreet are a popular dance band playing a contemporary sound that is drawn from the beat music of the sixties - that classic period that produced an explosion of sound that changed the course of pop music.

Mainstreet are based in Sydney, Australia, but play in many places. The band have toured Europe several times.

Album: Child's Game

The Child's Game album presents a broad range of songs from Mainstreet from the pop "Dream of You" the acoustic ballad "Wings of an Eagle", the techno "Child's Game", and the power rock of "Better Than You Get". The variety of songs showcase the songwriting of Brian White and the musicianship of Mainstreet.

Reviews of Child's Game

"captures the essence of Mainstreet"

"Just wanted to say thanks to a great band. I am a particular fan of Brian's voice" Johanna

"I recommend them to anyone. They're great!!!" Ron

"Great band - you'll love them" LG

"Wow. Everything I expected from Mainstreet and more" Liz