Frequently Asked Questions

For Fans

Is this website safe?
We hope so. But then again, there is some music that might challenge you.
If you are buying songs, you can be confident. Your transaction is securely handled by Paypal.

Where do I download my purchase?
You can download your purchases from the download page you’re directed to after finishing the checkout process, or from the links we email to you at the time of sale.

Which format should I download?
The default download format is MP3, and this is probably what you want. These files play back beautifully in iTunes, Windows Media Player, your iPhone/Android phone, etc.. Our MP3s use variable bit-rate encoding (VBR) to shrink the size of the files while maintaining the highest quality, so you get fast downloads and can fit more songs on your device.

You can also download in FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and AIFF formats. These options are, as we say in the interface, for "audiophiles and nerds."

How do I unzip my album download?
When you download an album, it arrives on your computer in a compressed format called zip. Before you can add the music to your library and listen to it, you'll need to decompress, or "unzip" it. Doing so is very easy:

If you're on a Mac, double-click the file. You're done.

If you're on a PC, right-click the file and choose Extract All... You're also done. Don't see an "Extract All..." option? Try renaming the file to something simple, like "". The important thing is to make sure the name ends with ".zip". Then right-click it again. You should now see "Extract All..." in the menu.

For Artists

Is Liberty Gift a record label?
Yes, in a modern understanding, Liberty Gift is a record label. We release music on behalf of musicians. However, if you are thinking of one of those big music businesses from back in the vinyl days, then we do not fit that. The music industry has changed a lot.

What is liberty Gift about?
Liberty gift is about helping people connect.
People are looking for music they want to listen to. We want to help them find it.
Musicians are looking for people who are interested in their music. Sometimes, we can help them.

What about itunes, Amazon, etc?
You can find music from our artists on many well-known music sites, including iTunes and Amazon.
You are welcome to purchase from those sites if you prefer.

Do you accept submissions?
Possibly. Why not contact us and start a relationship. Better to find out whether we are a good fit for each other before you start sending us your music.

What about the money?
We do not charge any upfront fees to our artists.
Our business model is not about fees. We only earn money if our artists are earning money.
We should be honest with each other about money. Unknown artists will not receive very much from selling recordings.
If you are expecting to make lots of money, then we suggest you look elsewhere.